"Would definitely do a sequel to 'Bridesmaids'" - The Hollywood Reporter

Rose Byrne is the latest bridesmaids Star said she would return for a sequel to the hit comedy.

In an interview with People Magazinepublished online on Thursday, the Neighbors The actress said she would “of course” do a sequel to the 2011 film, which also stars Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthyWendi McLendon Covey and Ellie Kemper.

She continued, “If all the girls were in it, I definitely would.”

But Byrne noted that the first film was “hard to follow” because it was so successful. Adding, “It was so magical and so loved.”

In the Paul Feig-directed film, Annie (Wiig) goes to great lengths, no matter how crazy they may be, to be the best maid of honor she can be for her best friend, Lillian (Rudolph). But everything begins to fall into disarray as she leads Lillian and the group of bridesmaids on an unforgettable and highly competitive road to the wedding.

Byrne also suggested that the cast might “could do another movie together.” A reinterpretation of something.”

“I miss them all,” she said. “I saw Kristen Wiig recently. It was so nice to see her. I hadn’t seen them in so long and they all hold a very special place in my heart.”

Last month, Melissa McCarthy also told the magazine She would bring the gang back together for a sequel, “this afternoon, right now.”

“This group of women was the most magical thing ever” The little mermaid said the actress at the time. “Almost all of us were really good friends. I think it was a magical time.”

Although Byrne is known for her comedic roles in bridesmaids And Neighborsshe recently told The Hollywood Reporter that she was also looking forward to competing against another on her latest show, Platonicwhere she stars alongside Seth Rogen.

“I think a lot of TV shows and a lot of my favorite shows, even comedies, are very hard, and this show isn’t very hard,” she said of the new Apple TV+ series. “It’s very light and really tries to elicit big laughs.”

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