What's new and the top 10 movies and series on Netflix: May 17, 2023

Swat seasons 1-5 new on Netflix May 17, 2023

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Welcome to your daily round-up of what’s new on Netflix. We take a look at all the new releases that have hit the service so far this week, as well as take a look at the top 20 hottest movies and series.

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There’s a lot to look forward to later in the weekincluding two great Sony films making their SVOD debuts over the weekend, and from Netflix, you’ve got that XO, Kittywhich premieres tomorrow.

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With that order settled, let’s take a look at the new releases:

Top new movies and series on Netflix for May 17, 2023

McGREGOR FOREVER (Limited Series)

number of episodes: 4
Evaluation: TV MA
Language: English
Genre: Documentary, Sports
Pour: Conor McGregor

It’s been a long time coming, but the Conor McGregor MMA series is now streaming on Netflix. Over the course of the four episodes, follow the ups and downs of his career in 2021 as he prepares for his return to the octagon as he faces the most important fight of his career.

La Reina del Sur (Season 3)

number of episodes: 60
Evaluation: TV MA
Language: Spanish
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Pour: Kate del Castillo, Humberto Zurita, Alejandro Calva
Writer: Lina Uribe, Dario Vanegas, and Roberto Stopello
Duration: 378 minutes / 6 hours and 18 minutes

Looking for a long, engrossing binge? There are few shows better designed for this purpose than La Reina del Sur, This is the Spanish novella series that experienced an American spin-off in the form of Queen of the South.

Running for a total of 180 episodes, the series follows a humble woman who finds herself in the perilous position of being a drug-dealing legend.

gossip (Seasons 1-5)

Evaluation: TV-14
Language: English
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime
Pour: Shemar Moore, Alex Russell, Kenny Johnson
Writer: Shawn Ryan, Aaron Rahsaan Thomas
Duration: 43 mins

SWAT Series Netflix

Image: CBS

As we First reported last monthNetflix is ​​today the recipient of all five first seasons of the hit CBS crime series. gossipwhich was recently renewed for a seventh season.

Served as a reboot of the 1975 television series of the same name, this entry focuses on Sergeant II Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson Jr., a former Marine and local boy who is promoted to leader of his own SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team after the previous leader was fired.

Complete list of what’s new on Netflix so far this week

So far this week 6 new movies have been added

  • Anna Nicole Smith: You Don’t Know Me (2023) Netflix Original – TV-MA – English – From the heights of her modeling fame to her tragic death, this documentary follows Anna Nicole Smith through the eyes of those closest to her.
  • Sincerely Yours (2022) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Dutch – Using each other as alibis, two friends sneak off to indulge in secret affairs – but their elaborate web of lies is unravelled when one of them disappears.
  • Fanfic (2023) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Polish – Two high school students develop an intense connection as they overcome the challenges of discovering and expressing their true selves.
  • Fifty Shades of Black (2016) – R – English – Shy college student Hannah enters the intense world of mogul Christian Black in Marlon Wayans’ comedic riff on Fifty Shades of Grey.
  • Sebastian Maniscalco: Aren’t you embarrassed? (2014) – TV-MA – English – As the comedian returns to his hometown of Chicago, he looks at modern life through his family’s ancient Italian lens and wonders where our shame went.
  • Ted (2012) – R – English – Brought to life, a stubborn foul-mouthed teddy bear threatens to derail his human companion’s attempts to grow up and marry his girlfriend.

So far this week 5 new TV series have been added

  • La Reina del Sur (Season 3) – TV-MA – Spanish – After years of blood, sweat and tears, a humble woman finds herself in the perilous position of being a legend in the drug trade.
  • LEGO® DREAMZzz (Season 1) – TV-Y – English – Mateo, Izzie and their friends stumble into the Dream World, a realm of magic and imagination where they must use their creativity to fight dark forces.
  • McGREGOR FOREVER (Limited Series) Netflix Original – TV-MA – English – Conor McGregor’s brutal punches and overbearing swagger made him the UFC’s biggest draw. This stirring documentary follows his dynamic career.
  • Rhythm + Flow France (Season 2 – New Episodes Weekly) Netflix Original – TV-MA – French – French rappers fight and write freestyle, fight and write their way to a groundbreaking €100,000 prize in a music competition series judged by Niska, Shay and SCH.
  • SWAT (Seasons 1-5) – TV-14 – English – In his hometown of Los Angeles, a sergeant is tasked with leading an elite team of officers – and defusing deadly tensions in his community.

Netflix top 10 movies and series for May 17, 2023

# tv shows movies
1 Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story The mother
2 Missing: Dead or Alive? A man named Otto
3 Queer Eye ¡Que viva México!
4 Firefly Lane Fifty shades of black
5 Black Knight Ugly dolls
6 The night agent The Croods
7 Bridgerton G.I. Joe – Billing
8th The diplomat Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway
9 sweet tooth heat
10 Better call Saul Pitch perfect

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