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Hard Feelings, a new raunchy teen comedy, just hit Netflix – here’s what it’s about, who’s in the cast, and if it’s worth watching.

It’s a big week for Netflix. All American Season 5 has finally arrived on the streaming platform and two must-see documentaries have been released: victim/suspect, a haunting film about the injustices of reporting sexual assault; And MerPeopleHalf a billion dollar mermaid industry exploration.

That’s before we get to FUBAR, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s acclaimed big screen debut in a series of action, comedy and espionage in the style of True Lies.

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On May 24, “Hard Feelings” also premiered on the streaming platform — so here’s what you need to know.

What is Hard Feelings about?

Hard Feelings is a German comedy about “two best friends trying to make it through high school while dealing with embarrassing new urges — and their very uncomfortable feelings for each other.”

Check out the trailer below:

The official synopsis reads, “Charly and Paula struggle to find their place in the high school hierarchy, but at least they’re best friends and have each other. But when his penis (“Willy”) and her vagina (“Hoo-ha”) suddenly begin to communicate their most urgent needs, the teens must defend not only their status at school, but also their years of friendship, and their genitals have much more to offer with them in mind.

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“Amidst hurtful school intrigues and excessive parties, Charly and Paula discover their natural desires – and begin to realize that there may be more beauty in their bodies and more dynamism in their relationship than they first thought.”

Hard Feelings is actually a “modernized spin-off of two big blockbuster hits in Germany” from the 2000s: Ants in the Pants and More Ants in the Pants.

It is not to be confused No hard feelingsJennifer Lawrence’s R-rated comedy hitting theaters this year.

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Hard Feelings Cast: Who’s in?

The cast of “Hard Feelings” includes:

  • Tobias Schäfer as Charlie
  • Cosima Henman as Paula
  • Monika Oschek as V
  • Tom Beck as P
  • Louis Jérôme Wagenbrenner as Constantine
  • Axel Stein as Rudolf
  • Diana Amft as Paula’s mother
  • Vivien König as Francoise
  • Jasmin Shakeri as director Voigt
  • Samirah Breuer as Marlene
  • Doris Golpashin as Sabina
  • Merlin Sandmeyer as Mr. Pendergast
  • Lilly Joan Gutzeit as Leonie
  • Kailas Mahadevan as Kailas

Granz Henman, who wrote the first feature on Ants in the Pants before directing the sequel, has returned as director alongside Stein, who starred in both films.

Is Hard Feelings worth seeing?

There is currently no Rotten Tomatoes score for “Hard Feelings”, but early reviews have been mostly positive.

Ready, stable cut wrote: “With a running time of 1 hour and 45 minutes, this film is well worth seeing. It has an incredible pace and is full of comedic scenarios and jokes. If you’re into teenage romantic comedy, this movie is for you.”

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However, Martin Cid Magazine wrote: “If you are looking for elegance and the kind of sophistication that you can only find in many places, don’t look for it here, this is not the place. A simple teenage comedy, everyday, nice and badass. There are thousands of them. One more.”

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