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Beauty giant Coty is launching the Coty Campus this fall – the first holistic in-house beauty metaverse platform.

Built using the latest 3D technology, the Coty Campus aims to educate Coty‘S We employ over 11,000 people worldwide and drive innovation across our portfolio of brands.

The virtual campus underscores Coty’s renewed focus on digitization. Jean-Denis Mariani, Coty’s Chief Digital Officer, said: “Coty strives to be a leader in digital and continues to push the boundaries of innovation.”

Coty Campus was developed in collaboration with social platform 3D Spatial and integrates both desktop and mobile technology. The platform offers users a range of tools: text and voice chat discussions, screen and file sharing, and customizable avatars.

“With Coty Campus, we are proud to leverage Spatial’s Web3 and gaming technology at a groundbreaking scale to create new immersive experiences that offer the most interactive solutions for collaboration and co-creation. “Coty is thrilled to be the first beauty company to embark on a project like this,” added Mariani.

Into the Future: Coty Campus will feature a phygital reward system that will encourage its 11,000 employees worldwide to participate in the internal metaverse

Coty Campus is the first Metaverse to implement a phygital reward system that playfully encourages global collaboration and engagement. Users are encouraged to participate by collecting items, exploring locations, and completing quests.

Gianna Valintina, Global Director, Partnerships at Spatial, added, “Partnering with Coty to create and launch the Coty Campus is a significant industry milestone and underscores Spatial’s commitment to developing accessible virtual experiences that create engaging and meaningful connections across the web, promote on mobile and in virtual reality.”

“Together, we’re proud to push the boundaries of technology and create new models for scalable play experiences for Coty’s 11,000 employees worldwide.” ✈

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