The French crime thriller that hit #1 on Netflix

However, the film does have a certain twist that makes the bloodshed and action seem more serious than that of a typical mush thriller: Adam eventually becomes Victor’s young son’s bodyguard, and the two become friends — a definite no-no for a man with a mission like this. “AKA” has received fairly positive reviews from critics Polygon review It’s been compared to Tony Scott’s Man On Fire—except, as critic Pete Volk writes, it “lacks Scott’s directing talent.” Still, Volk and others have credited Lenoir’s role in the film John Serba from Decider He remarked that “anyone with even the slightest fascination with strong, taciturn types will appreciate Lenoir’s stern-faced mug,” which he says masks a soft spot for his young ward.

“AKA” occupied the number one spot on Netflix’s non-English language film charts for two consecutive weeks at the beginning of May and stayed in the top five for the two weeks that followed. Other films in this week’s top 10 include multiple Oscar nominations. nominees “Nothing new in the West,” the 2019 sci-fi horror film The Platform; and the Swedish thriller Black Crab directed by Noomi Rapace. The Dutch thriller Faithfully Yours is currently at the top of the world’s top 10 non-English films. which you can explore here.

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