The Diplomat has been dethroned by a new show from Netflix's top 10 list

While it lasted a week, The Diplomat dropped from #1 Netflix’s top 10 list a little faster than I would have expected. It has now slipped to number 2, being dethroned by the second half of Firefly Lane’s second season.

This is one of Netflix’s new “split” season debuts, as we just saw from You, although I’m not exactly sure why the long gap was phrased here. The first half of Firefly Lane’s second season aired on December 2nd and now the other half wrapped up at the end of April, five full months later. production problems? It doesn’t look like Netflix is ​​splitting them up like “You” or “Stranger Things” each month to generate more hype.

Regardless, it’s a strong showing of feel-good drama, and it’s not the only recurring series currently competing with The Diplomat on Netflix. Season 2 of Sweet Tooth is here, a series I’m really impressed they got renewed at all considering Netflix would normally cancel it. Then we have Workin’ Moms Season 7(!), one of Netflix’s longest-running comedies.

“Better Call Saul” has dropped to fifth place and will not actually make it to number one as a licensed series, even though it finished second for the last half of its last great season. Beef is number 6 and there’s no word yet on a possible renewal. “The Night Agent” is still at No. 7, another incredible feat of spy drama, a real unexpected hit for Netflix.

Getting back to The Diplomat, we haven’t received any news yet of an early renewal for Season 2, which the series is essentially asking for with its highly ambitious cliffhanger that has proven to be a huge risk for Netflix Originals, who are often killed off, before they can be resolved their storylines. The first season of “Diplomat” ended with a literal “We don’t know which of the three main characters might or might not be dead,” and that would be unanswerable without an extension. However, I’m still convinced that this show’s performance is good enough to be picked for the second season. However, there is no very early announcement about it yet.

Firefly Lane is one of those surprisingly big Netflix shows that doesn’t get much press, but the fact that the second half of season two is doing so well suggests we’ll likely be seeing a lot more of this show. Especially since a series like this undoubtedly has a much, much smaller budget than most other Netflix productions. We’ll see how long it holds up.

Update (04/30): So there has been a bit more movement on the list in the last few days. The diplomat dropped another place to 3rd place. Sweet Tooth season 2 has taken its place while Firefly Lane remains at #1. There’s also a new show called The Nurse that made the list, debuting at #4. It is a Danish series that is only four episodes long and is based on a true story about what appears to be a nurse who secretly murdered a number of patients and was eventually caught. Oops!

I’m a little surprised that “Working Moms” is slipping down the list so quickly, falling to #7 after debuting just recently. Regardless, this seems to be one of those series that, given its age to date, will go on for as long as it feels like. However, I’m wondering if there’s a planned end in sight for this. Beef and The Night Agent are both still holding out. There’s still no word on Beef being renewed and still nothing on The Diplomat if it manages to pull off the cliffhanger that ends in Season 2. I still think that will be the case.

Looking ahead to May and what might ensue then, I’m curious to see how controversial Queen Cleopatra will be received. In all honesty, it seems to be a pretty easy month overall with no Netflix mega-hits returning, and nothing looks like a breakthrough coming just by looking at the roster. Selling Sunset returns, one of Netflix’s most popular reality shows, but what I’m most looking forward to next month is I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robison, Season 3.

Update 2 (5/1): While Netflix hasn’t made an announcement about The Diplomat season 2 yet, as it’s likely to last a few more weeks according to its usual schedule, we’ve already heard what it’s all about could be as of its creators. This is the showrunner speaking THR’s TV Top 5 Podcast:

“I definitely like long stories. I like being able to write about the details and the little weird moments in people’s lives and their worlds. That’s why I like long storytelling. I definitely hope it continues like this. And I have many ideas of where it would lead. But we will see. We’ll see what happens.”

This is someone who comes from shows like Homeland, which ran for eight seasons and 96 episodes. But that was a key draw for Showtime, one of its most well-known shows, and Netflix has done so So With many series, I’m not sure the same can be said about the Diplomat. Few shows in Netflix history have ever made it to eight seasons. But if the show persists, there are more ideas, and they relate them directly to Homeland:

“I grew up watching broadcast network television, worked in the medium for about ten years, and was on shows that had hundreds of episodes. So I’m looking for a world that I think can be endlessly populated with people, characters, scenarios, etc – this isn’t a world that just runs out of steam. One of the real gifts of being on Homeland was… I felt like they kind of broke new ground in the world. You know, the show is based on those two main characters. Then you know one of them isn’t there. And the other one still is. And it turns out that third person was the lead the whole time… and we’re going to this country, and then we’re going to this country. I mean, they shot all over the world every season. They completely rebuilt the show on a new continent. So I don’t know that we would ever run out of stories in London. But if we did, there would be other countries. I can go to Paris for a few years. I can handle that.”

So when it comes back, we’ll likely be staying in London for a while longer, although Kate may be set to be dragged into the White House as vice president, which seems like a longer-term part of the show. I’m guessing the end result is making her president somehow, but maybe in, uh, I don’t know, season 5? We’ll see if the show can last that long.

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