The demolition of the alleged roller coaster "Fast And Furious" is currently underway at Universal Studios Hollywood

Back in early October 2022, we heard about approval for a newly commissioned roller coaster at Universal Studios Hollywood based on the hugely popular IP Fast and Furious and saw three photos of early concept art. This caused a great deal of excitement among Universal fans.

theme park lovers, Alicia Stella posted a tweet about the permit filed for Universal Studios Hollywood. As you can see, it’s for “A loading/unloading building and outdoor roller coaster that starts from the upper lot and descends along the hill in front of Fire Station 51 to the lower lot and then goes back up and circles StarWay Escalator #1.”

We are now beginning work at Universal Studios Hollywood to prepare the site for the construction of this newly opened roller coaster. In a video posted on YouTube by Theme Park Shark At timestamp 2:54 we can do a series of Fast

Driving up the Starway to the upper lot, there are major changes: walls are being built around the Castle Theater and Animal Actors stage in preparation for the start of demolition work on the supposed Fast and Furious roller coaster. There have also been rumors that the Universal City neon sign will be demolished, but there is no confirmation on this yet.

Construction walls also surround the special effects show, with the banner hidden and the electronics removed from the queue sign. The Production Central Store is now closed. In the video you can see construction vehicles being prepared for demolition on the Animal Actors stage.

screamscape has posted three images of early concept art for Fast and Furious Hollywood Drift that were sent to you showing the basic feel, look and location of the coaster that will be at the top of the StarWay escalator. The entire area is scheduled to be demolished in the near future.

Based on the results of our poll where we asked you: Would you like to see a new Fast And Furious roller coaster at Universal Studios Hollywood? It seems that the majority of people are positive about this proposed new roller coaster.

In our poll, 78% of voters said they would like a new coaster based on the Fast and Furious IP, with 22% of respondents dissatisfied with their choice of theme. We will follow the developments very closely and will keep you up to date on our news and Facebook page. Want to see a new Fast And Furious roller coaster at Universal Studios Hollywood? Let us know by voting in our poll below.

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