Split image showing characters from Gentefied, Blood of Zeus, and Smiley

Despite the many valid criticisms, there’s no denying that Netflix is ​​still the king of streamers. The original streaming service releases an obscene amount of content every month and overwhelms users with programs of varying degrees of success.

With so many options available, it’s normal for some programming to slip through the cracks and go unnoticed by mainstream audiences, especially over the past five years, which have been wildly unstable and unusual. And it’s such a shame, because these programs are high-quality performances that deserve to be seen by large audiences, even if some have unfortunately already been canceled due to Netflix’s notorious reckless practices.


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10 “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” (2021)

He-Man fights Skeletor in Masters of the Universe: Revelations.

Masters of the Universe: Revelations acts as a spiritual sequel to the 1983 classic He-Man and the Lords of the Universe. The plot revolves around Teela, who must uncover the mysteries of Greyskull and protect Eternia after the apparent deaths of Skeletor and He-Man.

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Produced by KevinSmith, revelations is a remarkable update of a popular entertainment piece. Refreshing while retaining the Campy quality that made it great from the start, revelationsjuggles a star-studded voice cast with thoughtful ideas and attractive imagery to create a more outlandish version of it he man. Purists might hold onto their pearls, but Masters of the Universe: Revelations is a much needed twist he man Myth that deserves reappraisal by audiences.

9 “Mordville” (2022)

A poster for Murderville showing the main characters.

Will Arnett plays detective Terry Seattle in the crime comedy Murderville. Set in the titular city, the series features a tricky premise about Seattle working with a guest detective to solve an unscripted murder.

Despite a flashy premise and a parade of famous guest stars, including Kumail Nanjiani, Sharon stoneAnd Ken Jeong, Murderville met with muted response from the audience. However, TV crime fans And general viewers should give this wildly original show a chance, if only to showcase Arnett’s comedic genius.

8th “Daybreak” (2019)

The cast of Daybreak fight Ghoulies/Zombies in a car.

The apocalyptic comedy drama breaking Dawn Actors are young actors. The story centers on Josh Wheeler, a seventeen-year-old boy navigating a post-apocalyptic world infested with insane gangs and zombie-like creatures called Ghoulies in search of his girlfriend.

The perfect blend of horror and comedy breaking Dawn is the rare teen show that dares to push the boundaries of its genre. With a wonderful cast of up-and-coming actors and a narrative that makes the best of the disastrous setting, breaking Dawn belongs to it the best post-apocalyptic series proving that the genre doesn’t have to be total crap.

7 “Gentefied” (2020-2021)

A promotional image for the second season of Gentefied.

genteel tells the struggles of three Mexican-American cousins ​​who are chasing the American dream. When the growing gentrification of their neighborhood threatens their family’s taco business, the three must rely on their wits to survive.

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Delightfully complex and remarkably witty, genteel is an insightful look at the immigrant experience. Not afraid to show the ugly sides of its characters, the series paints a colorful and chaotic picture that will be true for millions of Mexican Americans. And while Netflix canceled it after just two seasons, genteel remains one of the most truthful depictions of immigrant life.

6 “Queen Sono” (2020)

Queen Sono poster featuring the main characters.

The South African crime drama Queen Sono is one of Netflix’s boldest offerings. The series revolves around the title character, an experienced and unerring South African field agent who works for the Special Operations Group. Queen tirelessly searches for answers about her mother’s murder while conducting missions for SOG.

Exciting and with impressive production values, Queen Sono offered an immersive storyline complemented by breathtaking action sequences. The show embodied the spy thriller genre and struck the perfect balance of action and drama. Originally Netflix renewed it before reversing its decision and cancellation due to complications from the COVID-19 pandemic.

5 “Smiley” (2022)

The cast of the 2022 series Smiley on Netflix

The Spanish love comedy smiley is one of Netflix’s most charming insider tips. The show tells the story of Alex and Bruno who meet after the former accidentally leaves an angry message on the latter’s phone. When they meet, despite their many differences, they develop an intense bond that changes their lives.

Based on the play of the same name, smiley is a classic romantic comedy that fans of the popular genre will love. With a delightful premise that expertly blends romance and drama, smileyis a triumph for LGBTQ+ representation and a modern holiday classic in the making.

4 “The Chairman” (2021)

Sandra Oh as Ji-Yoon looks suspicious in The Chair
Image via Netflix

Celebrated TV icon Sandra Oh stars in the 2021 Netflix comedy The chair opposite an impressive ensemble, including Jay Duplass, Bob BalabanAnd HollandTaylor. The plot revolves around Ji-Yoon Kin, the first woman to be appointed chair of the English department of a prestigious university.

Like most Netflix shows, The chair suffered from a lack of marketing, resulting in many viewers not even knowing about it. However, the show is an astute piece of scholarly satire, with astute observations about academic life and workplace sexism. Sandra Oh, always the consummate professional woman, delivers a hilarious performance that tops it all off The chairmaking it a must-have for fans of funny and snappy Netflix comedies.

3 “I’m not okay with this” (2020)

Sydney and Stanley sit on a park bench and look in the same direction in I Am Not Okay With This.
Image via Netflix

Sophia Lilis And Wyatt Oleff Star in Netflix coming-of-age black comedy I do not agree. Based on the graphic novel of the same name, the story follows Sydney, a young girl with developing telekinetic powers who must balance her newfound abilities with the everyday struggles of youth.

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Refreshing, sensitive and really smart, I do not agree was among Netflix’s best teen shows. Fueled by Lillis’ personable and nuanced performance, the show explored deep themes of identity, sexuality and maturity with a healthy dose of snarky humor. I do not agree was renewed for a second season, but complications surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic prompted Netflix to cancel the season, a decision that still worries Netflix today.

2 “Feel Good” (2020)

Mae Martin and Charlotte Ritchie as Mae and George in bed together in the Netflix series Feel Good.

Mae Martin was the creator, co-writer and main actor of the Netflix dramedy Feel well. A semi-autobiographical take on Martin’s life, the series chronicles the blossoming romance between Martin, a struggling stand-up comedian, and George, a downtrodden, upper-middle-class Englishwoman.

Feel well is tender, sensitive and funny, fueled by Martin’s witty and sensitive approach to writing and acting. The show boasts a brilliant supporting cast, including the always welcome performers Lisa Kudrow plays the role of Mae’s mother and masters her tricky problems skillfully and with a lot of charm and humor. Feel well It may be uncomfortable at times, but it remains undeniably a rewarding experience.

1 “Blood of Zeus” (2020)

The characters from Blood of Zeus

Netflix animations reached a new peak with their incredible imagination blood of Zeus. Inspired by Greek mythology, the series revolves around Heron, a young man who finds himself in the middle of a battle against a demonic army while Zeus fights with his jealous wife Hera for the fate of Olympus.

Beautiful, elegant and thematically poignant, blood of Zeus belongs to it The great animated secret tips from NetflixThis is further and undeniable proof that adult animation is thriving in the current television landscape. Suspenseful and captivating, the show combines awe-inspiring violence with attractive visuals and a vibrant cast to create a daring interpretation of ancient Greece that will leave audiences captivated and begging for more.

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