Shaffra promotes SMBs with Metaverse-as-a-Service

Alatawi said: “I think we are on the way there. We focus on how businesses and large entities such as government agencies can benefit from leveraging Metaverse technology today. I think the future will be that everyone will have their own metaverse or experience. I think adoption is low today as not everyone has a VR headset and the tools needed to access a metaverse. However, with new technologies like our platform, it is made easy for people to access Metaversum over the internet without the need for any special software or hardware. ”

He felt that as more people experience the metaverse, the market for SMEs is ready to come and be there. “I think the metaverse is going to be an extremely important technology that will support them and allow them to do better business.” And the reason for that is that every technology that comes out today is the business of SMEs messes up.”

While some of the newer technologies are bringing benefits to some SMEs, they are disrupting many sectors.

Shaffra’s API-first metaverse engine gives organizations full control over their data while integrating it into their websites, apps, and systems. SMEs can also explore the versatility of the platform and see how avatars can interact in different activities beyond traditional social interactions. The Shaffra platform will enable companies (particularly B2C companies) to customize user experiences and evolve online UX. Alatawi anticipates that users will spend an average of 6 hours in the metaverse once the user experience is improved and adjusted.

The Chalhoub Group surveyed 1,600 consumers across the Gulf Cooperation Council in 2022 to measure actual adoption rate and future behavior towards crypto, NFTs and the metaverse. your comprehensive report, GCC state of the metaverse and its potential for luxury retailshowed that there was heightened awareness among younger, high-income men in particular in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

How much would that cost an SME? Shaffra’s Alatawi makes it clear that he wants to offer future technology at affordable prices without compromising the quality of the experience.

Alatawi promised, “Shaffra is cost effective and highly customizable because we built the engine from the ground up. We do it all – 3D rendering software is ours. And the final metaverse is embedded in our customers’ websites and their applications. So that means that the users are on their website and the data is also with the company.”

The platform also integrates with various blockchain technologies and is chain-agnostic, allowing for seamless integration with various blockchain platforms for additional functionality. The company aims to democratize access to the metaverse, enabling businesses and governments to harness its potential and transform the way people interact, work and play in the digital world.

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