"Selling Sunset" was dethroned by a non-Netflix show from Netflix's top 10 list

Well, Selling Sunset had peaked in Netflix’s top 10 list and… that’s over now as people seem to have blown through the new season of the reality series pretty quickly. But what’s unusual here is its replacement, a rare appearance at the #1 spot, by a non-Netflix show SWAT.

SWAT airs on CBS and recently experienced drama when the series was canceled and then not canceled for a final seventh season to air next. Netflix has currently expanded the service’s fifth season, allowing fans to immerse themselves in content they might have missed if they weren’t watching CBS, which most people under the age of 70 aren’t.

There’s another season of a non-Netflix series on the rise, Season 5 of All-American, which we’ve seen at number 1 on this list in the past, and I have to assume it’ll top that in the future Will take place here a few days.

Queen Charlotte has fallen to No. 5 after being No. 1 for about a week. La Reina del Sur holds its ground at number 6. For reasons I still can’t explain, Maid of 2021 still sits at number 8 on the top 10 list. It’s a must-see show, but I can’t offer an explanation for the sudden resurgence in popularity.

As far as Selling Sunset goes, we’re down to six seasons of the show in just four years since the show debuted in March 2019. It’s a reality series that Netflix can print extremely fast, similar to Love is Blind and The Circle, and it’s one of the most popular companies and it’s making stars of its real estate agents. My wife watched this season and I actually listened to most of it in the background playing Destiny 2. One of the women had one of Nick Cannon’s many babies. A woman took a drug test and printed out the results after another woman accused her of “crazy” at a dinner party. Just normal stuff, like always. But people seem to love it.

As for SWAT, I’m curious to see how the licensing deal that led to Netflix rather than Paramount Plus evolved, but many of those deals predated the launch of new streaming services. Netflix still has two more seasons of SWAT to air, but those rights will likely revert at some point and the series will go somewhere else. Still, it’s not often that non-Netflix Originals land this high on the list. Interesting.

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