Residents disagreed over the development proposal at the Emerald Hills Country Club in Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD, Florida. – Protesters against a plan to convert Hollywood’s Emerald Hills golf course into housing brought signs to Tuesday’s City Hall meeting in hopes of swaying decision-makers.

The meeting had a full house, and a sea of ​​green highlighted other people who supported the idea.

The developers presented the $150 million plan to the Special Planning and Development Committee and asked the panel to change the land use designation from open space and recreation to residential.

Hollywood residents attend meetings on proposed development at Emerald Hills Country Club. (WPLG)

The project calls for the construction of 324 condos and townhouses on nearly 37 acres of the golf course property – something that would dramatically change the view from resident Sandra Snow’s balcony.

“Putting people and concrete on our golf course is the worst idea. It makes absolutely no sense to anyone in our community because we’re very concerned about our quality of life,” she said. “That will change due to the terrible traffic jams.”

The golf course and clubhouse at Emerald Hills currently covers 167 acres and is in the process of being renovated.

Operators said business has declined in recent years, so building the new homes would help maintain financial viability. Backers say they appreciate other aspects of the project as well.

“Overall, I’m a huge fan of this because I think it will really bring back the beauty and brilliance of what Emerald Hills once was, what the golf course once was,” said project backer Eli Schwartz. “It was an integral part of the community and morphed into something else, and we want to give it back its glory.”

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