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Quentin Tarantino announced the death of via a series of tweets last week Once upon a time in Hollywood‘S Leader, Rick Dalton. He made the announcement by The Video Archive Podcastwith whom he is hosting pulp Fiction co-author Roger Avaryand pointed out that tonight’s podcast would be “a Quentin-designed memorial episode featuring some of Rick’s best roles.”

The director kept this promise.

“On May 19, 2023, actor Rick Dalton passed away peacefully at his home in Honolulu, Hawaii,” announced Avary’s daughter Gala – who produces the show – at the opening of the podcast. “He leaves behind his wife Francesca. Dalton was loved by fans bounty lawwhere he played bounty hunter Jake Cahill for five seasons, and also for his iconic role as Eddie Karpinski, the flamethrower-wielding vigilante The fireman, The firefighter part 2And The Fireman 3: CIA crackdown. But he was so much more than that, with a career that spanned 20 years.”

The podcast then moved on to a conversation between Tarantino and the Avarys, in which the elder Avary described discovering that Rick Dalton owned a company called Rick Dalton Enterprises that made bedding and amenities for prisons. The revelation caused a roar of laughter from Tarantino.

They continued to talk about Dalton’s career, specifically the firefighter Movies why Donald Pleasence starred in one of them, the four picture deal Dalton struck with Canon Films and that grew out of it fireman 2Joe Don Baker’s role in the film, Dalton’s lunch with Walter Hill about directing the follow-up film, why the actor didn’t direct the sequel himself — since he directed the first one — and how Dalton’s former stunt double, Cliff Booth, came to direct the project .

Tarantino later discussed the incident at Dalton’s house that inspired the third act of Once upon a time in Hollywood.

“Something happened to him in the late ’60s, too, when three hippies burst into his house, stumbled, and they had a gun, and his stunt double basically punched two of them in the brain, and Rick set the other one on fire with the flamethrower McCluskey’s 14 Fists‘ Tarantino explained. “So he was invited to the Republican Convention because that became, for example, Nixon’s Silent Majority.” And he’s a lifelong Democrat, but he went and they fucking dug him up. Rick was very happy to be dug up. But after that, they took him to Johnny Carson, and he was a big hit on the Johnny Carson show, and then all of a sudden, because of the fame, he started doing better TV shows. He assumed he would land of giants And Green hornet to do Impossible Mission.”

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