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Although Priyanka Chopra has now established itself as well-known name That wasn’t always the case in Hollywood. Indeed, when the actress started her career after her Victory as Miss World in 2000Chopra was a stars in Bollywood, not Hollywood. However, over the years, Chopra found herself all over the world and after much perseverance, she managed to achieve great success here as well.

In a new candid interview with The Zoe ReportThe love again star spoke about why she made the journey to the US and the many obstacles she faced upon arrival. When she first came to Tinseltown, Chopra was pursuing a music career with her own international IP

To their surprise, however, not only was the music not doing well, but industry executives didn’t seem to care. “I felt like a failure,” she said. “I was hard on myself.” Looking back, Chopra seems to understand why her short-lived singing career didn’t quite take off. “I just felt like I sounded artificial and didn’t really sound authentic,” she said. “This is the best music, this is the music I like to hear.”

She wasn’t very lucky as an actor either, at least in the beginning. “People didn’t want to have meetings with me because they thought I was a Bollywood actor and couldn’t do mainstream American films,” she said. “I was in India six times on the cover of this (fashion) magazine and in America they didn’t want to meet me. Because they said, ‘Oh, I don’t know what we’re going to do with her.’” Knowing what we know now, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

As for the reasons why she decided to leave Bollywood, Chopra said it was much more than her dreams of becoming an international singer. “I was cornered in the industry,” she said Dax Shepard on his podcast armchair expert lately. “I’ve had people not cast me for certain reasons. I got into arguments with people…I was fed up with politics.”

In the candid interview, however, Chopra revealed a specific incident that made her reconsider. “It could have been 2002 or 2003,” she said, recalling a film she was shooting in Bollywood. “I’m undercover, I seduce the guy — that’s obviously what girls do when they’re undercover — but I seduce the guy, and you have to take off one piece of clothing[at a time]. I wanted to build layers.”

When the director saw her doing this, she walked up to her stylist and said, “No, I need to see your underwear. Why is anyone else coming to see this movie?”

“It was such a dehumanizing moment,” she said. “It was like, ‘I’m nothing but the way I can be used, my art doesn’t matter, what I contribute doesn’t matter.'” She gave up on the film after two days of work. “I just couldn’t watch (the director) every day,” she said.

Although it must not have been easy to leave Bollywood and come here, We’re glad she stayed and persisted.

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