New Netflix movie Bird Box is coming to Barcelona this summer

Fans of post-apocalyptic horror thrillers and alliteration can rejoice: Aviary Barcelonaa spin-off of the 2018 film, starring Sandra Bullock, is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on July 14. The streamer released the first teaser for the film on Tuesday, and by the looks of it, many people are afraid of running around blindfolded and jumping off tall buildings with it.

If you’ve never watched birdhouse, you might be surprised how much of an outlier that fact alone makes you. Although the film received mixed reviews upon release, it garnered a sizable audience and became the most-watched film on Netflix within a month of its release.

A Spanish-language spin-off was announced shortly before the film’s releasewith Alex and David Pastor (the inhabitant) appended to directly. Aviary Barcelona Stars Georgina Campbell (barbarian), Mario Casas (Three steps above heaven), Diego Calva (Babylon) and Alejandra Howard (Have no fear).

The original film is set in a world where a mysterious wave of unsolved suicides is sweeping across Europe and Asia, causing worldwide panic and the collapse of civilization. After learning that the suicides are caused by ghostly creatures that cause mass hysteria at the sight of them, the survivors begin wearing blindfolds outdoors and using caged birds to draw attention to the creatures’ premises. It’s basically like M. Night Shyamalan The happening meets Death Stranding.

Aviary Barcelona is intended to be the first in a series of several local language spin-offs set in the universe of the original. Given the success of other similar Netflix acquisitions such as money robberythat Netflix would take the same approach and create localized iterations of popular titles to capitalize on birdhouseThe first success.

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