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A new poster for Netflix’s live action One piece The adaptation presented for the first time a look at the central band of the legendary pirate ship.

After years as a hit manga and over 1000 episodes of a fan-favorite anime, One piece gets the live-action treatment from the world’s biggest streamer.

All clues tease that the series will be “set sail very soon” However, no exact release date is known and a trailer remains hidden from fans.

The only update on the Straw Hat Pirates that the audience has received recently was using some relevant test screening citations that has been proven “completely untrue.”

Set sail with a new One Piece poster

A piece 1

The live action from Netflix One piece The series received a brand new poster featuring the Going Merry (the Straw Hat Pirates’ legendary ship).

The poster features a bow-on look of the goat as the ship’s figurehead with sails flapping in the salty sea breeze.

A piece 2

The words are at the top of the poster “The pirates are coming,That’s the first thing said in the manga after Straw Hat Pirates Luffy, Zoro, and Nami go ashore before they get Going Merry.

The appearance of the ship is almost identical to that of the One piece Anime, with the white trim and bow side gun it’s known for.

Toei animation

What to expect in One Piece on Netflix

It is still unknown when exactly One piece Although the live-action adaptation will be coming to Netflix, it’s still providing fans with the information they’ve been eagerly awaiting for the new take on the popular pirate tale.

With over 1000 chapters of manga and a similar number of anime episodes to base the story on, there are countless directions Netflix could take the new One piece series on.

However, it looks more like this swashbuckling series will begin with the origins of the Straw Hat Pirates and their first adventures together.

Previously Netflix revealed The title of Episode 1 of the series is Romance Dawn. This is the name of the first anime/manga story arc that explores the beginnings of this wild crew and the story of the protagonist, Luffy, who eats the mysterious devil fruit and acquires his stretchable powers.

This likely means that the upcoming live-action adaptation will follow the manga and anime pretty closely, with Season 1 of the series covering the first few story arcs of the source material.

Filming continues One piece Is complete and the series is expected to release sometime in 2023.

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