Netflix Password Sharing - Everything you need to know

Netflix password sharing is ends in 2023, which leaves people with many questions. For example, how will Netflix stop password sharing and what will the new fee be?

In this article, I share everything that is known about Netflix so far Raid on password sharing. I will also keep it updated as new information comes in.

Here’s everything you need to know about the end of Netflix password sharing.

Why is Netflix ending password sharing?

People have been sharing their Netflix passwords for years, and the streaming giant has even encouraged the practice. Who could forget this Netflix tweet from 2017: “Love is sharing a password,” he wrote.

Back then, Netflix’s strategy was much more about eyes on screens — it didn’t matter who gave up their passwords if there were a crowd of people watching. But five years later everything is very different.

Netflix is ​​struggling financially with growing competition from other streamers like Disney on top of the global economic downturn. The numbers say it all: Netflix lost almost a million subscribers between April and July 2022 at the request of people stop the service.

Netflix has tried raising prices, but it’s not enough to allow the streaming giant to invest in new content. There are 100 million people who share passwords, and Netflix wants to make money from it.

When will Netflix end password sharing?

April 2023 Netflix confirmed The end of password sharing will happen before July this year, delaying the changes. Netflix said it would delay crackdowns on password sharing in the U.S. and other countries until the end of Q2, after originally announcing it would do so in Q1.

Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing began in Latin America in 2022 and has been ongoing since February 8th roll out in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain. Taking that into account, people in other parts of the world – including the US and UK – can expect this to happen soon.

How much does Netflix charge for password sharing?

The password sharing fee varies by market. Netflix has so far outlined how much it will charge in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain, as well as Latin America, where it first rolled out the changes.

In Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain the fees are as follows:

If you are on a Standard or Premium plan, you can create an additional member sub-account for up to two people you don’t live with for an additional CAD$7.99 per month per person in Canada, NZD$7.99 in New Zealand and 3, Add 99 euros in Portugal and 5.99 euros in Spain.

While Netflix hasn’t confirmed the exact fee for sharing your password in the US or UK, the streaming service charges around $3 in parts of Latin America.

How does Netflix know if I’m sharing my account?

Netflix has ways of finding out if you still share your account with anyone outside of your household. It’s the streaming service collects lots of data about you, including what you see, where you see it, your home’s location, and device IDs. This information can be used to determine whether you are watching or someone from another household.

In countries where password sharing crackdown is active, this is the case with Netflix persecution who share their accounts across the devices they use to connect to the platform. It enforces the end of password sharing by requiring devices to check in at your home location regularly, about once a month. If you have kids in college, they can drop off their devices at home if they come back every 31 days.

Netflix describes in its shareholder letter how you can continue to use your devices outside of your home even after the raid begins. “When we introduce paid sharing, members in many countries will also have the option to pay extra if they want to share Netflix with people they don’t live with,” the letter reads. “Like today, all members can watch on the go, whether it’s on a TV or a mobile device.”

If Netflix detects someone outside the household sharing the password, it blocks the device and gives them the option to add their own account.

Netflix hasn’t confirmed that this method will be used globally, but it’s likely that it will be similar when password sharing ends around the world.

Set your primary location and other new Netflix preferences

To explain the new system, Netflix has outlined how users will now need to set their primary location so that devices can log in periodically to prove it’s a household account.

“We will help members get set up and make sure everyone in their household can use their Netflix account,” Netflix promised, explaining how the changes would work in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain.

Netflix has also created a page to manage account access and devices so users can manage who has access to their account.

Another new feature designed to encourage people to set up their own account rather than share it with someone else is Profile Transfer. “One account users can now easily transfer a profile to a new account they pay for while keeping their personalized recommendations, viewing history, my list and saved games,” Netflix said.

Netflix assures you that you can also watch TV when you travel and sign up for a new TV, for example at a hotel or vacation home.

“We value our members and recognize that they have many entertainment options,” Netflix wrote. “A Netflix account is for one household, and members can choose from a range of plans with different features. As always, we’ll be refining these new features based on member feedback to keep making Netflix better for years to come.”

While the changes will vary based on feedback in other parts of the world, rest assured these new features will apply everywhere.

Check back this article and my Forbes profile for updates and how-to articles on the new Netflix features.

How can I save money and use Netflix at the same time?

Netflix offers different account tiers, including an extensive 4K premium version. If you are already using the top version and don’t need it, it makes sense to downgrade the version – Netflix lets you choose between Premium 4K, Standard HD (1080p), Basic HD (720p) and Basic with ads. The ad-supported Netflix package is only a third of the price of the HD setting, so you can save a lot of money.

Granted, ads can be annoying, but even the basic plan only costs a little over a third of the premium. You can make any changes to your package in your Account Ideas.

Updated April 19 at 11:55 am EST

This article was updated to add details on a delay in Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing following the company’s announcement of its findings.

Updated February 9th at 4:10am EST

This article was first published on February 7th.

It was updated on February 9th to include details on Netflix password sharing changes in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain. This includes the price for sharing passwords in these markets and new Netflix settings like “Transfer Profile” and “Manage Account Access and Devices.”

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