Netflix' Obsession Season 1 Episode 3 Summary and Review

In Season 1 Episode 3 of the TV show obsessionTensions mount when a family reunion unearths secrets and suspicions between the characters. The episode explores the aftermath of a misunderstood diary entry, the search for the person sending mysterious messages, and the troubling behavior of an important figure.

We analyze the complicated relationships, surprising twists in the story and the growing tension that keeps viewers interested. From the intense engagement party to Anna’s investigation and William’s shady dealings, Episode 3 sets the stage for more exciting discoveries.

Discover with us the exciting world of obsession and discuss the events of this captivating episode.

Obsession Season 1 Episode 3 Summary

The news of the engagement makes the whole family happy, except for William, who seems unhappy. He confides in Anna that he has received suspicious text messages and she promises to look into it.

Surprisingly, Anna also teases William about continuing their affair despite their engagement.

Obsession Season 1 Episode 3 Summary – Tensions at the engagement party

Anna confronts Peggy about the text messages, but Peggy denies any involvement. Unfortunately, Jay intervenes and, much to Anna’s dismay, also hits Peggy.

During the engagement party, Anna helps William investigate if his colleague was behind the news, but that seems unlikely. The unknown lyricist also urges William to make a confession before Ingrid’s speech, making for a tense moment.

However, nothing happens and Ingrid remains in the dark about the affair. Elizabeth, Anna’s mother, attends the party and quickly notices William’s angry reaction, which warns him.

She also comments on the resemblance between Jay and Anna’s brother Aston, which Anna tries to distract.

Netflix' Obsession Season 1 Episode 3 Summary and Review

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Obsession Season 1 Episode 3 Summary – Anna takes control of the mystery writer

After the party, Anna takes control and answers the mysterious texter with William’s phone, claiming that he did nothing wrong. However, Sally eventually confesses to Anna that she was the one who was behind the news.

Sally discovered a diary entry in her father’s pocket and mistakenly believed he had written it. However, Anna clarified that the entry was actually hers.

Anna uses her diary to write about her experiences with sex in order to understand and deal with them. But the entry didn’t mention William.

Anna then revealed that William had the diary because he found it and promised to give it back to her. Anna has always kept Jay at a distance to keep her secrets.

However, Jay becomes suspicious when he meets Peggy again and she warns him not to delve into certain matters as Anna advised.

Obsession Season 1 Episode 3 Summary – William’s strange behavior is a cause for concern

During Jay’s bachelorette party, Williams’ strange behavior causes concern. When Jay questions him, William covers it up, blaming it on his emotional struggle with his son’s marriage.

But before he leaves, William mentions the phrase “Learn to love the questions,” surprising Jay. When Jay asks where he heard it, William casually says it’s probably from a poem, but Jay realizes it’s a phrase Anna always used.

This arouses Jay’s suspicions and he begins to follow his father.

Obsession season 1 episode 3 review

Season 1, Episode 3 of obsession presents a captivating storyline filled with mystery and relational complexity. The announcement of the engagement brings joy to the family, but William’s disapproval is evident.

When he entrusts Anna with suspicious text messages, the dynamic takes an intriguing turn when, despite her engagement, she playfully teases him about their affair. The episode revolves around Anna’s attempts to uncover the truth behind the news, leading to confrontations with Peggy and unwanted involvement from Jay.

The engagement party creates suspense as Anna helps William investigate the texts and the unknown sender pressures him into a confession, adding suspense to the plot. Meanwhile, Ingrid remains unaffected by the affair.

Paralleling the main storyline, Jay becomes suspicious of William’s odd behavior during his bachelor party, particularly when he utters a phrase reminiscent of Anna’s words. This discovery piques Jay’s curiosity and prompts him to follow his father.

Overall, Episode 3 delivers an engaging and intriguing storyline that delves deeper into the characters’ histories. secrets and desires. The suspense and complex relationships keep viewers enthralled as they look forward to the next developments in this captivating family drama.

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obsession is available to stream on Netflix.

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