Netflix is ​​canceling the long-awaited book adaptation before filming has even started - but the popular author is teasing the twist

NETFLIX has reportedly canceled its planned adaptation of a hugely popular young adult book series.

Popular author Meg Cabot has announced that the streaming service is “waiving” the rights to a number of her novels.

Netflix has reportedly canceled plans to adapt a popular Meg Cabot book seriesPhoto credit: AP
The streaming service was supposed to be adapting Meg’s The Mediator books into a possible film franchise, but the author announced that it was no longer in the worksPhoto credit: HarperCollins Publishing

in one blog entry The author’s website informed fans about new books and film adaptations.

Towards the end of the note, Meg revealed the unfortunate news that Netflix is ​​no longer working on adapting one of her series, The Mediator, into a movie.

The book series is about the teenage mediator Suze, who reluctantly dedicates herself to helping ghosts resolve unfinished business.

She also happens to live with an attractive ghost named Jesse, having discovered that he was already staying in her room when she moved to California with her family.

Love and adventure unfold over the course of six young adult books and one adult book.

Meg wrote in her blog post, “For fans of The Mediator, the news is more complicated: Netflix has dropped the entire section where The Mediator was a choice.”

It was first announced in July 2020 that the streaming service would adapt the books.

Director Sarah Spillane narrated IF Magazine: “I have delivered the first draft of the first film to Netflix and have been tasked with writing and directing the franchise.”

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Producer Debra Martin Chase, who also worked on the adaptation of Meg’s Princess Diaries series, was also involved with the Mediator project.

While the news that Netflix has scrapped plans for the adaptation wasn’t good, the author ended her update on a positive note.

She added: “The property is now available to be picked up by another studio/producer. I can’t say much more about it at the moment, except that – the interest is VERY great!”

Meg also gave an update on another adaptation of one of her popular book series – The Princess Diaries.

Fans have long been begging for a third installment in the Anne Hathaway-led film series based on Meg’s novels.

The author stated that although there has been a slight lag in progress, the probability of everything happening still looks good.

In the new blog post, she added, “Because of the Writer’s Guild of America strike — which I fully support!” All writers (not just screenwriters) must be paid a living wage — I don’t have much film news.

“But the last thing I heard was that things are still on track for Princess Diaries 3!”

However, the author shared that interest from other parties in adapting the books was “very great”.Photo credit: officialmegcabot
On better news, Meg said a third installment in the Princess Diaries series based on her books is “very well on track”.Photo credit: Rex

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