Netflix cleverly picked the absolutely perfect day to crack down on password sharing

Netflix HQ

Netflix HQ

Hey, did you hear about that Max nonsense? Warner Bros. Discovery had a platform called HBO Max, Then they cut out the “HBO,” as if The was the problemand now because they inexplicably launched Max as an entirely new app on some platforms instead of simply updating the HBO Max app, it hardly works. Man, it seems to me like everyone everywhere is talking about how poorly conceived this whole Max thing was! Add to that the fact that in the midst of the WGA strike, WBD boss David Zaslav is still going public rather than hiding in a hole and/or giving the striking writers everything they deserve and more, seems it just being impossible to avoid this I’m hearing from Max today!

oh, too, Netflix has officially started notifying users that they have to pay an extra $8 each month if they want to share their password with someone who doesn’t live with them. But can you believe this Max stuff???

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Seriously, this is a quality plan from Netflix. The company has been working on its plan to stop people from giving out their credentials for years. I’m testing it in a few countries outside of the US Before inadvertently teases a series of bizarre password requests who treat everyone like a criminal, just last month Netflix mentioned that it’s ready to launch its anti-password sharing system in the spring. So we all knew it was coming soon, but Netflix did just happened to pull the trigger on a random Tuesday in May just happens should be the starting day for the Max rebranding.

It’s like Coca-Cola saying, “Starting May 23, we’re going to be selling cans of frogs instead.” From that day on, if you open a can of Coke, there’s a live frog inside,” and then Pepsi waited to May 23 and quietly began selling cans of snakes. Anyone would be so stunned that Coca-Cola actually went through with their frog plan that they might not even notice the Pepsi cans full of snakes…at least for a while.

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