Netflix appoints Arnold Schwarzenegger as "Chief Action Officer"

Netflix appointed Arnold Schwarzenegger as the company’s new Chief Action Officer making the announcement via a fun new promotional video,

Of course, Arnold’s new duties and responsibilities also include presenting upcoming Netflix action films. In the short two-minute clip, we see Schwarzenegger roll up to the front door of Netflix HQ in his own M47 Iron Arnie tank before embarking on what the streaming platform has to offer. are currently live The night agent drama series and Mother with Jennifer Lopez. footbar starring Schwarzenegger himself hits theaters on May 25, meanwhile extraction 2 and season 3 of The Witcher both returning this June and GalGadotis the spy thriller heart of stone premieres on August 11th. Still without official release dates are the dark action comedy, brother sun with Michelle YeohAnd Elevator what sees Kevin Hart Play a master thief.

Check out the Nobody Hits Like Netflix announcement video above.

In other news, Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 3 gets a new key visual.

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