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Updated: Max responded to the controversy by stating, “We agree that the talent behind Max’s content deserves his work to be properly recognized.” We will credit the changed due to an oversight in the technical transition , correct HBO Max to Max and we apologize for this error.”

The decision to set the credits came at a time when the Writers and Directors Guild took a hard line against the Max group:

“For nearly 90 years, the Directors Guild has fought bitterly to protect the recognition and recognition that directors deserve for the work they create. Warner Bros. Discovery’s unilateral move to reclassify directors, writers, producers and others into a generic category of “creators” in their new Max launch without notice or consultation while we negotiate with them is a grave insult to our members and our union,” said DGA President Lesli Linka Glatter. “This devaluation of artists’ individual contributions is a worrying trend and the DGA will not condone it. We intend to take the utmost measures in solidarity with the WGA to ensure each artist receives the individual recognition they deserve.”

WGAW President Meredith Stiehm said, “Warner Bros. has put writers, directors and producers in a made-up, ever-shrinking category they call creators.” For starters, that’s a credits violation. But worse, it’s disrespectful and offensive to the artists who make films and TV shows that bring billions to their company. This attempt to belittle the contributions and importance of writers echoes the message we heard in our negotiations with AMPTP – that writers are marginal and non-essential and should simply accept being paid less and less while our employers’ profits getting higher and higher. This deaf disregard for the importance of writers has got us where we are today – the 22nd day of our strike.”

previous: According to Max, the newly rebranded platform formerly known as HBO Max, the creators of 2017 were Patty Jenkins and Allan Heinberg wonder woman. At least that’s how the new Max “Details” section relates to Jenkins, who directed the Gal Gadot lead, and Heinberg, who wrote the screenplay for the DC Comics film.

The lack of specific details – and the grouping of writers and directors merely under “creators” – has already angered many creatives amid the ongoing writers’ strike and looming labor unrest among the actors’ and directors’ unions, as all three guilds are in the midst of separate negotiations with the studios and Streamers who form the alliance of film and television producers.

Credits will appear on HBO Max.


The change — HBO Max’s previous credits pages provided more specific details on the writers’ and directors’ roles — was spotted late Tuesday, the same day that Warner Bros. was supporting Discovery The streamer has been renamed to Max to reflect the expanded content portfolio following the $43 billion merger that created a scripted and unscripted powerhouse.

After being spotted on Twitter late Tuesday, writers, directors and other creatives expressed their disdain for the move, given that streamers like Netflix and HBO Max already have the intro skip feature.

Steven DeKnight (daredevil) synchronized The Creators organized an “absolute masterclass in how to break a streaming service,” noting the move “will be studied for years to come.” poker face Showrunner Nora Zuckerman marked the WGA, DGA, and the Producers Guild of America, and asked how Max thought the various guilds “would remotely agree with the change.” Writer Jorge Rivera objected to being referred to simply as the “creator.” called it “Another step away from the studios to diminish the role of writers, directors, actors and other craftsmen.”

The issue affects both movies and TV series, but details on the latter cannot be found on the Details tab like movie credits. Instead, you can find the TV credits in the Episode Details drop-down menu. (Click on the pilot for successorFor example, the following individuals are again grouped under only “Creators”: Regina Heyman, Frank Rich, Jesse Armstrong, Will Ferrell, Kevin Messick, Adam McKay, Dara Schnapper, and Ilene S. Landress. (successor has a creator, Jesse Armstrong.)

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