The cast of Netflix's American Jesus adaptation, The Chosen One.

Millarworld Founder Mark Millar recently announced when The chosen onean upcoming series adaptation of him American Jesus Comic trilogy will premiere on Netflix.

Millar announced this The chosen one will be released on the streaming service on August 16, 2023. He also introduced a new poster for American Jesus Adaptation starring the ensemble cast of the series. Similar to the first posterthe new single sheet addresses the religious themes of the series by posing the title protagonist in the form of a cross. The chosen one will be the first Millarworld film to debut on Netflix in nearly two years. The Final Millarworld Series, an anime adaptation of Millar’s four-part comic book series super criminalsPremiere on the streaming service in November 2021.

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The official poster for The Chosen One.

What is the American Jesus?

The chosen one based on the comic by Millar and Peter Gross, Chosenalso known as American Jesus, first published by Dark Horse in 2004. After two unsuccessful attempts at adjustment American Jesus filming, Netflix announced it would bring American Jesus brought to life as a live-action series shortly after the Millarworld acquisition. Everardo gout (The purge) produced and directed for Netflix The chosen one. He also co-wrote the series with his brother Leopoldo Gout. “What they made of it is just masterful,” teased Millar. “It looks like Roma or city ​​of goda six part series of absolute beauty and I enjoyed every second of it.

In The chosen one“A little boy finds out that his mother has disappeared with him and they are hiding in a small town because he is Jesus Christ returned and they are doing everything they can to stay alive so he can grow up and face Him.” Antichrist in the city of Megiddo according to Bible prophecy.” The Netflix series stars Dianna Agron (Joy), Tenoch Huerta (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever) and Carlos Bardem (Assassin’s Creed), among other.

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“The Chosen One” is reminiscent of Stephen King’s “Stand by Me”.

Millar previously described The chosen one as “a horror story, but also a coming-of-age and has a Stand by Me Mood, a kid like you or me who likes war of stars, video games and girls in his class suddenly find out that he has this tremendous fate in store for him. This is going to be an absolute beauty.” For the unknown: Stand by Me is a 1986 coming-of-age drama film directed by Rob Reiner and based on the 1982 novella by Stephen King The body.

The chosen one begins streaming on Netflix on August 16.

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