Malaysian genre mash-up 'Tiger Stripes' wins Critics' Week 2023 - The Hollywood Reporter

tiger stripesMalaysian director Amanda Nell Eu’s debut feature has won the Best Feature Film award at Cannes 2023 critic week.

The movie, one of The Hollywood Reporter‘S Hidden gem tips In the sidebars of this year’s festival, first-time actress Zafreen Zairizal plays Zaffan, a rebellious and carefree 12-year-old who finds herself in the awkward position of being the first girl in class to get her period. Embarrassed and confused, and bullied by her classmate, Zaffan finds her body changing in other, more horrific ways, and she faces a choice between submitting to society’s shame or embracing her true monstrous self.

As a feature film debut tiger stripes is also nominated for the Cannes Camera d’Or award for Best First Feature.

Audrey Diwan, winner of the Venice Golden Lion 2021 (Event) chaired the 2023 Critics’ Week jury. The French Touch Jury Prize, which went to Charlotte Wells’ breakthrough last year After sunwas awarded to Paloma Sermon-Daï’s this year It’s raining in the housea Belgium-based drama about two teenagers whose mother leaves them to fend for themselves in a run-down house for the summer.

Jovan Ginić received the Rising Star Award from the Louis Roederer Foundation for his performance in Vladimir Perišić lost land, a historical drama set in 1996 in what was then Yugoslavia. Iris Kaltenbäck received the SACD prize from the French authors’ and screenwriters’ association for her screenplay for her feature film The Rapture.

French distributor Pyramide Films received the Gan Foundation Award for Distribution for taking on Amjad Al-Rasheed’s debut film Inshallah a boy, the first Jordanian film ever selected for Cannes. Nans Laborde-Jourdàas boleroabout a man who returns to his hometown to visit his mother, won both the Leitz Cine Discovery Prize and the Canal+ Award for Best Short Film.

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