Is the Unfiction from the Missing movie a real series on Netflix?

unfiction occurs several times in the film 2023 Miss, which is now streaming on Netflix. Is unfiction a real Netflix show?

Miss begins by looking at the unfiction Episode about the case from the 2018 film Seek regarding David Kim’s daughter Margot Kim. Then, at the end of the film, we see another episode of Unfiction, this time about the Grace Allen case. In addition, attentive viewers should have noticed a funny cameo appearance Scream And Yellow jackets Star Jasmine Savoy Brown, who plays a version of Storm Reid’s character June in the second part unfiction Consequence.

Given that unfiction is a big part of it Miss Although the film is mentioned several times even when it is not shown on screen, it is understandable that some viewers are wondering if the series is something real to watch on Netflix after the film.

Is Unfiction a real show?

Unfortunately for anyone who looked unfiction After quitting Missit’s not a real series. unfiction was made for the film as a nod to true crime and the many documentaries and dramatizations that exist.

Shows like Unfiction on Netflix

There are dozens of such shows unfiction There are, but if you’re looking for something specific to Netflix, you’ll find the most similar examples Unsolved Mysteries, Cold case filesAnd The UnXplained with William Shatner.

In addition, Netflix offers many documentaries and documentaries that chronicle true crime events. Some of the more recent releases include sins of our mother, Murdaugh Murders: A Scandal in the South, Waco: American Apocalypse, Missing: Dead or Aliveand more. Here is a list of the best true crime documentaries on duty!

Miss is now streaming on Netflix.

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