How A24 took over Hollywood

When you think of your favorite movies, you might think of their famous directors or actors. But lately, a new name has become synonymous with indie film culture and appeal, and it’s not an individual, it’s one Studio.

You have to admit, their logo is pretty cool.


A24 won the 2022 Oscars. They have directed some of the most distinctive and interesting films and TV shows of the last 10 years. But most importantly, they have earned a reputation for quality – and their quality brand loyalty is so strong that hipster movie brothers wear A24 t-shirts and caps everywhere.

But unlike Universal or Paramount, studios that have been around for over a century, A24 has done it in just over a decade. How did this independent film distributor become a major player in the entertainment industry in such a short period of time?

In this Vox video Nate Jones (senior writer at Vulture and A24 owner) explains the history and stratospheric ascent of A24.

You can find this video and the entire library from Vox videos on YouTube.

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