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The Brady Bunch The house is back on the market – and this time it comes with the interior design of your 1970s TV dreams.

HGTV sells the Studio City home featured in hundreds of box office footage from the famous sitcom less than five years later bought it for $3.5 million. And given the highly competitive Los Angeles real estate market and the dramatic changes the property has undergone, it’s going to cost the next buyer a little more. The asking price is $5.5 million.

That’s the premium for authenticity. After purchasing 11222 Dilling Street in 2018, the Warner Bros. Discovery-own network rejuvenated the facade and has gutted its interiors – Adding a second floor to carefully recreate the show’s living room, kitchen, bedrooms and garden, which previously only existed on Stage 5 at Paramount Studios. The process was documented in the 2019 series of events A very Brady makeover, recruits surviving cast members and HGTV talent to bring the fictional home to life. The ratings paid off and attracted 28 million viewers within four weeks.

HGTV invested an estimated $1.9 million in the renovations, which included the addition of the iconic floating staircase and orange-avocado kitchen, adding 2,000 square feet to the original floor space. The house has been in use ever since HGTV specials and other seriesmost recently Trixie Mattel’s Trixie Motel on Discovery+. But after four years, the novelty has probably faded. The network plans to donate a portion of sales proceeds to the long-running Turn Up: Fight Hunger initiative, a partnership with No Kid Hungry. (Parent company WBD aims to provide two billion meals for the nine million children suffering from hunger in the United States as part of the initiative.)

The Brady Bunch It only lasted five seasons, but its cultural footprint has remained. The ABC comedy, about a blended family of eight, their live-in maid and sometime dog, ran from 1969 to 1974 before making inspirational TV movies, a satirical feature film remake (and a sequel) and countless pilgrimages after 11222 Dilling came street. It has been called the second most photographed house in America, right behind the White House, although there is little evidence to support these claims.

When the property went on the market in 2018, it was the first time in 45 years — it hadn’t changed hands since 1973. The original price was $1.85 million and some speculated that it could be demolished and redeveloped. The bidding war that followed – one that also included NSYNC singer Lance Bass! — and HGTV’s bold move to extensively renovate it and make it the ultimate abode for Brady enthusiasts ensured that wouldn’t be the case.

HGTV will be selling the home with much of its amenities, including the floral green living room sofa and a 3D printed replica of the show’s horse sculpture. For those who need to burn $5.5 million, the list will be made managed by Danny Brown at Compass.

The Floating Staircase at 11222 Dilling Street (horse sculpture and sideboard sold separately)

Anthony Barcelona

The living room overlooks the entrance area

Anthony Barcelona

The kitchen with contemporary appliances

Anthony Barcelona

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