Google Couples With Clean Rooms;  Netflix Moochers Shall No More

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A clean PAIR

Okay, you have a clean room. What now?

One way is to use Google PAIR with its just-announced integrations with LiveRamp, Habu, and InfoSum.

Last October, Google introduced the first-party data matching program. When an advertiser and a publisher “have a relationship with the same people,” Dan Taylor, Google’s vice president of global ads, told AdExchanger: “PAIR gives advertisers the opportunity to connect more closely with each other.”

Let’s say you’re a meatless burger company running a campaign through Google’s DSP. You could use your clean rooms and PAIR to match your email loyalty program members to a recipe publisher’s newsletter list. And if the publisher wants to provide the marketer with its list of vegetarian recipe lovers, the two companies could strike a deal.

By integrating with all major cleanrooms, Google anticipates that the PAIR workflow will be less complex than when it was launched, when advertisers and publishers handled the “resource-intensive” process themselves, Taylor said.

Also worth mentioning: The clean room integrations of PAIR took place Exactly according to plan (Hust, deadline for third-party cookies).

Pay to stay

It’s official: Netflix is strict Anti-password sharing in the US.

Netflix subscribers can only share their accounts with people living in the same household unless they pay an extra fee.

Account holders can add a non-household user for an additional $7.99 per month, but there are limitations. Subscribers on the Premium plan ($19.99 per month) can add up to two additional user profiles. The standard plan ($15.49 per month) only has one supplement. The basic plan, including the ad-supported version, does not support supplements.

But how many Netflix subscribers would be willing to spend more than $20 a month?

The streaming giant reckons moochers will sign up for Netflix with ads instead, as it’s the cheapest option available at $6.99 per month.

“Our goal this year is to convert password sharing to paid accounts,” said Co-CEO Greg Peters January.

While Netflix knows anti-password sharing is unpopular and will lead to subscriber churn, this is far from the case Pressure from advertisers to attract more people to the ad-supported plan.

data hungry

Vizio’s ad business relies heavily on it automatic content detection (ACR). But that alone isn’t enough to help marketers plan campaigns across channels.

On Wednesday, Inscape, Vizio’s data and analytics subsidiary, announced Commercial Feed+. The reporting tool recognizes streaming ad creatives, allowing brands to manage reach and frequency at the creative level. To get an overview of streaming and linear commercials, it can help advertisers to deduplicate audiences after delivery. NextTV reports.

However, the tool’s predecessor, Commercial Feed, still has its uses. It reports ad information in near real-time, while Commercial Feed+ (because, plus) processes ad reporting after delivery, which takes at least a day, Ken Norcross, vice president of data licensing and strategy at Inscape, told AdExchanger.

More data or faster speed? That is the question. But hey, advertisers love options.

But wait, there’s more!

Snowflake Acquires Neeva to Add Generative AI-Based Search to Data Cloud. (release)

TikTok employees regularly shared unredacted US user data on the Slack-like collaboration platform Lark. (NYT)

Meta is conducting its latest round of cuts, which is expected to see 6,000 job cuts. (TechCrunch)

Microsoft is appealing the UK’s decision to block its acquisition of Activision Blizzard. (Bloomberg)

Seventy percent of advertising agency employees say they are spending more on contextual targeting in preparation for the elimination of third-party cookies. (Digiday)

You are hired!

TV ad technology company Madhive hires Google and Pinterest graduate Jon Kaplan as CRO. (release)

Former IAB CEO and CMO Randall Rothenberg joins the Board of Directors of Digital Remedy. (release)

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