Decentraland Metaverse Pride Event aims to drive “real change, one avatar at a time.”

Decentraland brings Pride back to the world metaversetoday unveils plans for its 2023 event and parade to be even bigger than before.

Developed with community studios Polygonal Mind and Vegas City, Decentraland’s Metaverse Pride 2023 takes place from June 27th to 29th. According to an official description, the three-day event aims to “celebrate the diversity of the global LGBTQIA+ community, create inclusivity and contribute to the rich history of Pride Month”.

Building on the foundations laid by the 2022 event, Decentralands Metaverse Pride 2023 will be larger than previous years, allowing users to experience it in a larger virtual realm.

A screenshot of Decentraland Metaverse Pride 2023. Image: Decentraland

“Burning Man is a huge inspiration for the event,” says Metaverse Pride CEO Iara Dias decryptwith the iconic festival having an emphasis on community, arts, self-expression and self-reliance within Decentraland in general.

The area for Pride 2023 will resemble an oasis in the desert, with the scenery changing as more people participate to represent “the importance of supporting other people”. According to Dias, users will also leave rainbow footprints in virtual space and “constantly experience a different environment.”

For the musical performance, the Decentraland Foundation wants to focus on artists from the existing LGBTQ+ Decentraland community and offer them not only a platform but also financial support. The foundation is currently in talks with various artists, but even if contracts are not finalized in time for Pride, they will be invited to perform throughout the year.

“It’s important to give space to queer artists anywhere, anytime,” says Dias. “Pride isn’t just about fun and games. It’s about giving economic stability to community creators who might find it difficult to find space elsewhere.”

Users can also participate in a virtual parade via player-created floats. In addition, the Decentraland Foundation organizes a Metaverse Pride wearable design contest in the weeks leading up to the event.

The Ad CouncilLove has no labelsThe campaign will join Decentraland’s virtual Pride event to celebrate diversity and inclusivity in the metaverse. Pride 2023 will also feature educational hands-on experiences, panel discussions and question-and-answer sessions to explore the history of LGBTQ+ communities alongside current events and global issues.

“It’s so important because Decentraland has such a global audience, but we know that some of this educational material may not be as accessible to everyone as it was to me in North America,” said Kim Currier, Decentraland Foundation’s director of marketing. “We wanted to make sure that when there’s an opportunity to share content globally, we do it in a truly inclusive way.”

Throughout the experience, there will be safe spaces for users to connect with each other and share their own experiences, which Dias sees as a “fundamental” aspect of the event.

Participants must agree to a code of conduct before entering. AI bots are available to issue bans if someone makes another user feel unsafe. “It’s about love and respect,” adds Dias.

“There are so many places in the world that people can’t attend Pride, either because it’s illegal or because someone might not feel ready to come out yet. Digital identity can also empower you in real life,” Dias continues, explaining how users can experiment with clothing or interactions in a safe space free from judgment or impact on the real world.

A screenshot of Decentraland Metaverse Pride 2023. Image: Decentraland

“I believe we can bring about real change, one avatar at a time,” says Dias.

Currier adds that the metaverse’s pseudonymity – with vivid and imaginative avatars offering a range of presentation options – means there are “far fewer assumptions and questions that exist in a traditional world”.

“The digital space allows people to really express the full spectrum of who they are,” says Currier. “I think the ability to make the metaverse a testing and learning space for everyone, whether that’s testing technology or testing how you want to express yourself, is really nice.”

Every aspect of the 2023 Decentraland Pride event is based on collaboration. In fact, the foundation is currently working on a playbook designed to train users on how to host similar events, from contacts and marketing guidelines to technical specifications and project management suggestions.

“It is so important for us to share knowledge and strengthen the Decentraland community,” says Dias. “It’s strange to say that the dream is that we become unemployed, but yes, that’s the dream.”

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