Dead or alive?  Real or fake?

*Spoilers for Netflix Missing: Dead or Alive? in advance*

Netflix is ​​back with another one real crime Effort. On May 10, the streamer released the new series Missing: Dead or Alive? If you’re a true crime fan, you probably know all about the four-part series. If you are not familiar Miss follows South Carolina Police Department investigators as they solve the missing persons cases of Lorraine Garcia, Amirah Watson, David Taylor and Sierra Stevens. The mysterious disappearance was so shocking that many viewers wondered if it was true Missing: Dead or Alive was real or false. Read on to find out everything we know about the four cases and how they were solved.

Is Missing: Dead or Alive? Based on a true story?

The Missing Persons Inquiry is available to watch on Netflix Missing: Dead or Alive? are all based on true cases that occurred between 2019 and 2021.

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Was Lorraine Garcia found dead or alive?

Missing: Dead or Alive? began with the disappearance of Lorraine Garcia. In 2021, Lorraine’s former daughter-in-law filed a missing person report after losing contact with the 61-year-old. As the investigation progressed, Lorraine’s son Anthony became a prime suspect in her disappearance. Anthony, a war veteran who was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, was suspected of the crime after illegally trying to sell his mother’s house.

Investigators were told that Lorraine had recently raised concerns about her son’s mistreatment. According to a neighbor, Lorraine claimed Anthony locked her in her bedroom and took away her phone and bank card. When investigators searched Lorraine’s home, they found it smelled of bleach and later discovered an air mattress that appeared to have blood on it. Despite the suspicious results, investigators managed to locate Lorraine, who confirmed that she had left home voluntarily and refused to contact anyone in her family. She did not disclose her current whereabouts.

Where is Amirah Watson now?

As missing persons investigators finalized their investigation into Lorraine Garcia, they were informed that ten-year-old Amirah Watson had been kidnapped by her mother. The child’s father, Mansoor Watson, reported her missing after her mother, Tynesha Brooks, refused to return her after her court visit ended.

Investigators spoke to Brooks’ friends and family, who admitted to speaking with Tynesha after the missing persons report was filed, but declined to reveal where she was. After six weeks, US Marshals located Amirah at a family home in Georgia. She was later reunited with her father and her mother was arrested.

What happened to David Taylor?

Days after David Taylor won a $10,000 lottery prize, David Taylor’s truck was found on the side of the road. David’s family raised concerns that foul play may have been involved as he was on his way to redeem his lottery ticket to collect his winnings. Regrettably, missing persons officers discovered Taylor’s body in a wooded area near where his car was found. The autopsy report indicated he may have died of hypothermia and had a lethal dose of methamphetamine in his system.

Was Sierra Stevens really missing?

The final episode of Missing: Dead or Alive? tells the story of Sierra Stevens who went missing in September 2021. Her foster family contacted police after she was unable to return home after spending the night at her friends’ house after they sneaked off to a party without telling her foster parents. Investigators were on high alert because Sierra had disappeared from an area that had previously had sex trafficking cases. Thankfully, Sierra was never really missed. She explained that she decided against going home after seeing police at her home after her parents filed a missing persons report.

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