Barack Obama gets to work in the first trailer for his new Netflix documentaries


Randi Williams and President Barack Obama in “Work: What We Do All Day.”


What makes a good job… good?

That is the former President’s question Barack Obama asks in his new Netflix documentary Work: What We Do All Day.

The four-part series, narrated by Obama, “explores the ways we find meaning in our work and how our experiences and struggles connect us on a human level,” according to a Netflix description of the project.

“When we make sure everyone feels that their work is respected, that every contribution is recognized, and that everyone is paid enough to truly participate in the life of our communities, we strengthen the trust between us that defines everything in our lives .” possible,” Obama said in a statement.

Exclusive to CNN First look at the seriesthe former president can be seen speaking to everyday workers from various industries.

Inspired by Awarded the Pulitzer Prize Based on author Studs Terkel’s 1974 book Working – an oral history about jobs and the people who do them – the series aims to promote an understanding and appreciation of people’s work to promote.

Working: What We Do All Day is directed by Caroline Suh, with Barack and Michelle Obama serving as executive producers on the project.

Ben Solomon/Netflix

Luke Starcher and President Barack Obama in “Work: What We Do All Day.”

The series is a co-production between Concordia Studio and A higher levelfounded by the Obamas in 2018. Her company has released more than 10 film and television titles, including the 2020 Oscar-winning documentary American Factory.

Working: What We Do All Day premieres May 17 on Netflix.

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