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No offense to Ruby Rose, but according to the stats, she must either give up her dream of becoming an action heroine or find better projects to star in Defeat This marks the low point of a consistently unsuccessful part-time job.

SAS: Red Notice, The Doorman, 1UPAnd Stowaway were all squashed by critics, but the five percent Rotten Tomatoes rating this one has earned beats the cookie. It’s also fully deserved and leaves you wondering if Morgan Freeman is short on cash or something, as such an endless exercise in numbers action surely lies beneath such a titan of the silver screen.


The Oscar-winning legend plays a retired cop who has hired Rose’s former drug mule to do his bidding. He forces her to move dangerous cargo from one potentially deadly situation to the next, holding her daughter hostage and using the child as leverage to ensure she won’t break ranks.

Needless to say, she does eventually, and there’s not a single surprise to be found along the way. Though it’s terrible in every way Defeat has once again demonstrated his streaming skills by becoming one of the top ten most-watched features among Netflix subscribers in the United States FlixPatrol.

Once again, it has been shown that no matter how bad the reviews for a particular film, subscribers to the market-leading streaming service will always find Running and Gunning to be a 90-minute investment. Rose has shown that she can do a lot more in this genre, but it would be nice of her to use that potential more often.

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