the great wall

the great wall

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What happens when you hand the consistently acclaimed director of multiple classics a budget of $150 million, a cast full of well-known stars, and a concept so crazy the potential is almost limitless? Well, in the case of The Great Wallthe end result was a complete disaster.

hero And House of Flying Daggers While Helmer Zhang Yimou delivered some stunning visuals, a 35 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes underscored how badly he’d botched a prominent premise that said the titular structure was designed solely to stop an army of monsters from being decimated of China.

the great wall

Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal and Willem Dafoe were there – which inevitably led to accusations of whitewashing and maintaining the white savior motif — but it’s not like the paying customers care. The Great Wall The film may have made a whopping $334 million at the box office, but when the numbers were compiled, the estimated losses were at least $75 million.

It got so bad that the official Communist Party media criticized local aggregation sites Douban and Maoyan for publishing negative reviews of the film, which could theoretically damage the Chinese industry’s global reputation. Then it is suspicious The Great WallThe 4.9 rating average vanished, although the audience’s approval rating of 8.4 miraculously remained intact.

You can’t polish a turd, so trying to bury it entirely would never work, even if you did The Great Wall shed its reputation and topped the Netflix viewer charts this week. Per FlixPatrolit went from scratch to a top 10 hit in 61 countries and secured the status of the 3rd most watched feature across the entire platform, so it clearly has some supporters out there.

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