10 Best Movies Added to Netflix in May 2023 (Updated)

As we welcome the blooming flowers and warmer weather of May, we’re also excited for a refreshing flood of cinematic gems, available now on Netflix. There have been a number of film additions over the past month, each offering its own unique narrative, artistic vision and emotional resonance. But amidst this abundance, some titles really stand out. Carefully selected for my personal taste, these films showcase the depth and variety of storytelling that cinema has to offer.

From the quiet corners of indie filmmaking to the splendor of Hollywood blockbusters, there’s something for every movie buff here. Join me as we delve into the richness and variety of these cinematic treasures, and you might discover a new favorite along the way.

The Mother (2023)

The mother is a magnetic fusion of action and suspense led by the indomitable Jennifer Lopez. Coming to Netflix this month, this film is a must-see, brimming with palpable suspense and high-risk drama. Lopez’s captivating portrayal of a deadly combat expert transports us into a gripping tale as she must emerge from the darkness to protect her long-lost offspring from vengeful enemies. This promises to be a cinematic adrenaline rush underscored by maternal courage and determination.

Soft and Quiet (2022)

Soft and quiet comes from the renowned Blumhouse Productions. Created by director Beth de Araújo, this critically acclaimed horror film introduces us to Emily (Stefanie Estes), a kindergarten teacher who unexpectedly hosts a meeting of white supremacists. The plot thickens as a cryptic figure from her past reemerges, ready to sow chaos. This film promises a chilling exploration of the human psyche, blurring the lines between the ordinary and the sinister.

A Man Called Otto (2023)

A man named Otto marks its highly anticipated SVOD premiere on Netflix, bringing a warm, humorous glow to the platform’s offerings this month. This heartening dramedy, nuanced by Marc Forster, stars Tom Hanks as Otto Anderson, a discouraged widower seemingly reconciled to his melancholy existence. His life takes an unforeseen turn when a vibrant young family moves in next door, leading to an endearing bond with mother-to-be Marisol. Starring Truman Hanks, Mariana Treviño, Rachel Keller and Mack Bayda, this film is a poignant mix of laughter and emotion that promises to be deeply resonant.

Pitch Perfect (2012)

Pitch perfect is a harmonious blend of comedy and music, masterfully directed by director Jason Moore. Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson lead an ensemble and breathe life into the Barden Bellas, an all-female a cappella group. The film offers a stirring symphony of their journey, marked by lively camaraderie and musicianship as they strive to regain their lost honor and win the national championship.

Royalteen: Princess Margrethe (2023)

Per-Olav Sørensen’s Norwegian youth film, Royalteen: Princess Margrethe, deftly navigating the turbulent waters of controversy and identity. Princess Margrethe (Elli Rhiannon Müller Osborne) takes center stage in the aftermath of a harrowing prom scandal. Amid the lingering shockwaves of scandal, Margrethe longs for the simplicity of normalcy while striving to maintain her impeccable image amid a whirlwind of family discord.

Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Dawn of the Dead, Zack Snyder’s reimagining of the classic zombie horror from 2004, brings a new sense of dread to the genre. Starring Sarah Polley and Ving Rhames, the film plunges us into a post-apocalyptic nightmare where survival is the only victory. Within the eerie confines of a suburban shopping mall, the survivors face a new breed of agile, relentless zombies who escalate the terror to a breathtaking crescendo.

St Vincent (2014)

Theodore Melfis St Vincent is a tenderly humorous and deeply moving comedy that underscores the transformative power of unexpected friendships. Jaeden Martell plays Oliver, a young boy who forms a bond with his irascible neighbor Vincent, played by the incomparable Bill Murray. The film navigates their unlikely camaraderie while revealing profound life lessons. With Melissa McCarthy and Naomi Watts rounding out an outstanding cast, St. Vincent” is a touching portrayal of personal growth and redemption.

This Is The End (2013)

This is the end, a brilliant apocalyptic comedy from the minds of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, brings together a cast of Hollywood’s finest, each playing larger-than-life versions of themselves. With comedic heavyweights like Rogen, James Franco and Jonah Hill at the helm, this film maneuvers through the chaos of the apocalypse with an irreverent but surprisingly heartfelt exploration of friendship and fame. This unique cinema extravaganza promises laughter and introspection in equal measure.

Girl Interrupted (1999)

James Mangolds girl interrupted offers an engaging and insightful portrayal of mental health issues. Led by Winona Ryder’s riveting performance and Angelina Jolie’s Oscar-winning role, this intense drama takes us into the silent corridors of a 1960s mental institution. The film underscores the resilience of its female characters and offers an intimate and moving glimpse into their lived experiences. It is a poignant testament to their strength and the power of shared stories.

Léon: The Professional (1994)

Leon: The proFrom the visionary lens of Luc Besson, it serves as a showcase for the extraordinary talents of Jean Reno and then-rising Natalie Portman. This cinematic feat skillfully blends innocence and brutality as it delves into the complex relationship between Leon, a lonely killer, and Mathilda, a precocious young girl. As they navigate New York’s hectic underworld, a unique, tragically beautiful bond is formed, making this film an unforgettable journey into the depths of human connection.

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